We at Thundershots believe that "Your money belongs to you, and it should be available to you whenever you want". Our goal is to pay our users as quickly as possible by partnering with the best banks and payment gateways.

The following conditions apply to refunds at Thundershots:

A confirmed transaction cannot be changed. Players may cancel transactions at the sole and absolute discretion of Thundershots:

By contacting Thundershots via the registered email address, the Player may cancel such payments.

Thundershots will not be liable to refund any amount if the cancellation request is received two days before the round begins.

Thundershots may refund the Player at its sole and absolute discretion after deducting applicable cancellation fees and taxes. During the transaction, additional terms and conditions may apply. In this case, the additional terms and conditions take precedence over the current terms and conditions if they contain a clause that contradicts them.

  • Refunds are processed using the same method / financial instrument as deposits.
  • Refunds may take up to 2 working days to process in some cases.
  • Tax deductions ("TDS") apply to all cash pools. To deduct taxes, contest winners will receive a TDS certificate. Other taxes applicable to money, such as income tax, gift tax, etc., are the winners' responsibility.
  • Thundershots reserves the right to modify/change these terms & conditions.