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Why resist controlling the urge to show your love for Cricket when you can take it up to the next level with Fantasy Cricket. Fantasy Cricket is how the Cricket Gods apologize to us fans for the rollercoaster of emotions that hit us while our team is playing a match.

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What makes Thundershots so amazing? Why is it so popular with cricket fans? Here are some reasons why our fantasy cricket platform's so popular.

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Download the application from the website and register with us by providing your details to get started.



Choose from the wide range of matches of all three formats. Users can choose from any match available.



Pick your perfect squad for the match—device your strategy to pick the perfect team for your upcoming battle.



With your ultimate dream team, join contests to battle it out with other users and swipe out the pool for yourself.


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Fantasy Cricket points are calculated based on each player's performance in the said match. While the score of the captain and vice-captain is tripled and doubled, the score is compared with other contestants before declaring the winner.

This means that the players will split the money equally. If two winners tied for the second position, the sum of the 2nd and 3rd win money will be added together and divided by two. The next highest scorer will take the 4th position.

In the event of a draw in a T20 or ODI match, no points are awarded for super overs. The points & rankings of the match will be counted only until the last ball is bowled of the actual match. Super Overs are excluded from fantasy cricket points.

The website Thundershots will follow the directions of the match officials, i.e., if a result is declared in any way by the match officials, the website Thundershots will do the same and announce the result on the app.

In the case of a match that has completed the threshold of the minimum number of balls bowled (in the format T2O or ODI or Test), then the result will be declared by the website regardless of whether or not the game is abandoned.

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