Learn to Play

Smooth as a Helicopter Shot!

You may have everything about Cricket figured out who in India wouldn't, but let us walk you through how Fantasy Cricket works. It will be a piece of cake for aces like you, so sit back and let the Fantasy bug take over you.


Install the Fantasy Cricket app from our website to get started on your Fantasy journey. Our apps are designed to fit all kinds of devices from PC, Android, so just click the download button and let it sync in.


Once the application is installed on your preferred device, run it and go in for the sign-up procedures. Provide the app with your personal details and contact details. For verification, the app will double-check your details.

Select the match

Once the verification is done and the account is created, log in and explore the app. You can pick the match you want to compete in the scheduled match timeline available there to get you started. You can pick any upcoming match.

Draft your team

Once you pick your match, you get to create your team. Remember that you cannot enter a live match in the middle of a closed one. Once you pick your team, you can get them ready to battle it out for you. You can create multiple teams.

Join Contests

Once you have your dream team, all that remains is for you to become a contestant. You can enter into as many contests available for the match. Each contest has a different pool size and number of opponents. For more fun, join now.


You can use multiple teams for multiple contests to increase your scope. Once the live match begins, the Fantasy system also begins calculating the points. The scores are calculated by the end of the live match, and the winner is declared.


Check out these tips!

Let's shape your fantasy cricket game!

    Observe the weather

    I don’t mean to say that I know, of my own knowledge, what there is particularly dead about a door-nail.

    See who's playing

    Before the game begins, you must be aware of climate conditions as a Fantasy Cricket app user. Thundershots has all the pertinent facts in the app if you are seeking such information.

    Calculate the cost

    Some players are priced a bit higher than others, but their overall performance does not justify the hype surrounding them. You may notice a bunch of young experts setting their first class if you watch cricket closely.

    Team up an all-rounder

    To increase your chances of winning more, create multiple teams; Even if you lose one contest, you may win big in another contest.

    Multiply your money

    The next game on the Thundershots app cannot guarantee you will win and earn money. Therefore, you can save yourself from losing all your money if you play cautiously at all times.

    Cap and vice-cap selections

    Your team's success depends on your vice-captain and captain. With the right captain and vice-captain for your team, your Thundershots team will earn you 3X points and 2X points for the vice-captain.